Origin of the World

At the beginning of time, Tuhan shaped the worlds. He gave them mountains, rivers, oceans, hills, and planes. His sister, Ku-in filled the worlds with plants and animals, fish and birds. Tuhan gave each of his Tenshi a world to oversee, govern, and protect as they saw fit.

Mikoto, Tuhan’s brother, saw the worlds that were created and grew jealous of their beauty. He shaped for himself a creature out of wood, dust, rock, and water. He took a piece of himself and infused it into the being. He called the being the “First-Born.”

Mikoto presented his First-Born to Ku-in. Ku-in, fearful that Tuhan would destroy the First-Born if he found it, secreted it away onto the world governed by Schander. The First-Born lived in the world and was fruitful and produced many offspring. Mikoto would visit the world from time to time to guide the First-Born and teach them his wisdom.

Mikoto was pleased with the First-Born and wished to continue creating beings. He took one of the offspring of the First-Born and gave it a gift. The offspring did not understand their gift, however, and named it a curse. The offspring named themselves “Man” and called the curse Death.

Mikoto began experimenting with other types of vessels, attempting to find a vessel that would bring joy back to Man. He tried infusing Rocks with himself, but they turned out to be stubborn and proud, more interested in wealth, power, and creating things for themselves then in the world around him. He called these creatures “Dwarves.”

He tried infusing Animals, using Rodents, Wolves, and Spiders as vessels, but Man found these creatures strange and frightening, and hated them. Mikoto gave these creatures the Gift of Man, frustrated that Man did not appreciate his work.

Finally, Mikoto got so frustrated that he took one of the offspring and channeled all of his fury, jealousy, and hatred into it. The offspring became twisted and loathsome. It allied with the wolves and spiders and ravaged the world, bringing the wrath of Mikoto down upon it. The offspring became known as “Orc.”

The First-born, filled with grief at what had become of the world, forged a great alliance between Men, Dwarrow, Roden, and First-born, and stood up against the Orc Menace. Mikoto, not wanting his fury to be thwarted, took several of his Orcs and broke them, combining the best pieces into one horrendous creature. Man called this creature “Troll.”

The destruction was so great that Tuhan finally discovered what Mikoto had been up to. He bound Mikoto, banishing him from the Worlds. He began to destroy the creatures that Mikoto had created, but Shander felt pity on them and begged Tuhan to spare some of them. Tuhan relented and allowed Shander to keep them, provided he not allow the creatures to continue to destroy his creation. Shander scattered the creatures throughout his world, hoping that distance would keep them at peace.

Origin of the World

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